Shipping Included with 6 Bottles or More
Shipping Included with 6 Bottles or More

2024 Harvest Dinner - Saturday

6:30 - 9 PM

August 3nd

William Chris Vineyards

Event Details:

Celebrate the Season at William Chris Vineyards' Harvest Dinner

Join us at William Chris Vineyards for our annual Harvest Dinner, a cherished tradition celebrating this year's bountiful harvest and the promise of the seasons ahead. This special evening is a family-style gathering designed to welcome the upcoming season with open hearts and full glasses.
Throughout the evening, our tasting room ambassadors will guide you through a selection of finely crafted Texas wines, each chosen to complement the evening's menu:

2023 Dell Valley Sauvignon Blanc - Dry, medium-bodied and surprisingly sophisticated.
2015 Lost Draw Mourvèdre - Deep and beautifully aged with bold notes on the long-lasting finish.
2016 High Cross Tempranillo - Smooth, bold, and subtly complex.
Blaque Jacque - Decadent with moderate residual sugar, a very food-friendly fortified wine
Drawing from the bounty of the season, our chef has curated a menu that harmonizes with our estate wines. Each dish is prepared with fresh, local ingredients that highlight the region's rich flavors.

Cherry Gazpacho Blanco Fresco with Anchovies: An innovative and refreshing blend of sweet cherries and smooth, creamy gazpacho, enhanced with a hint of salty anchovy. (Individually Plated)

Family Style Main Courses:
Pickled Peach Fennel Salad: Crisp fennel and tangy pickled peaches tossed with toasted almonds, fresh mint, and sharp radish— a salad that sings with flavor.
Grilled New York Strip with Chimichurri Garlic Sauce: Juicy and impeccably grilled steak drizzled with an aromatic chimichurri sauce that brings out the meat's natural richness.
Roasted Succotash Gnocchi in Basil Butter: Soft, pillowy gnocchi paired with a medley of sweet corn, lima beans, and cherry tomatoes, all tossed in a light basil butter.
Tzatziki Potato Salad: A refreshing take on traditional potato salad with crunchy cucumbers, vibrant red onions, and a cool, creamy dill yogurt dressing.

Black Jacque Figs with Mascarpone and Sourdough Honey Cinnamon Graham Crackers: This luxurious dessert features ripe figs and luscious mascarpone paired perfectly with homemade crunchy, sweet graham crackers.
This Harvest Dinner at William Chris Vineyards is more than a meal; it's a mosaic of moments, a celebration of season and soil, and an invitation to indulge in the artistry of fine dining and winemaking. Secure your tickets now to savor this culinary journey. Tickets are limited. Reserve your place at the table today.